• A Rant About Mamahood



           Being a mom is something I quite honestly never planned on, but turns out, it’s everything I ever dreamed. This little guy has completed my life in ways I never dreamed possible. He pushes me to do more than I ever imagined.  He has shown me a love that is the most consuming, full and deliciously painful sort of aching love only a mother can feel. Its amazing to watch him grow and learn everyday but so far I’ve learned much more from him. He has taught me more in these past fifteen months about myself and others than I’ve learned in my entire life.  If I can give him just half as much as he’s already given to me I will be one proud mama. I am so grateful for my sweet baby boy, he fills my heart with such unspeakable joy. If nothing else one of my hopes for this blog is to act as a living scrapbook of sorts and for it to capture some of our memories from these precious first few years of our lives together.