• Dressing Up and Staying In

           So for this years anniversary we did something we’ve never done before, absolutely nothing! We have had some great celebrations in the past, parties with friends and fam, elaborate dinners out, vacations but I’d have to say this one was right up there at the top! Call it being lazy if you want but the thought of getting all dressed up and going out to a nice place for dinner after chasing around our 16 month old all day was the LAST thing in the world we felt like doing. So we called the grandparents and dropped off our little man at their place for the evening. I had picked up some pre-made dishes at whole foods which included sauteed green beans and caramelized scallion potato salad and pre-formed grass-fed beef patties. Only thing we had to do was grill the burgers and I added bacon, blue cheese and beer carmelized onions (recipe here). We set up a little table on our balcony with some fresh flowers complete with our country mountain view. It was so relaxing and peaceful and something about just sitting in the privacy and intimacy of our own home was just heaven! The festivities continued after picking up our son who immediately went to bed and surprised us with an anniversary present of his own by sleeping until 9:30 this morning! It was an amazing celebration to an amazing year. I love my little family so much and I am so grateful for every second of every day of every year that I get to spend with them. Looking forward to whatever this year will bring and going thru it’s up’s and down’s together as a family. Is there an anniversary that was especially memorable for any of you? I would love any ideas for celebrations in the future! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    Dress by Paper Crane