• Blue Apron Meals: A review

        We couldn’t have chosen a better week to try this product. Life has been really hectic these past few weeks and cooking a fresh, healthy meal from scratch would have just simply not happened if it hadn’t been for Blue Apron meals.


        What it is: A meal delivery service that delivers fresh, whole ingredients right to your home. You select how many meals you would like every week, the type of meals you prefer, and what day of the week you want them delivered. They send you everything you need for each meal in the exact quantities called for and the recipes to go with them.

       Why we love it: As a busy mom on those nights where preparing a fresh healthy meal seems equivalent to climbing mount Everest this actually makes the whole process so simple. I don’t have to worry about getting half way thru a recipe and realizing I forgot to buy half the ingredients or that some of them have gone bad. The recipes are so simple I actually am embarrassed that I can’t think up stuff like this on my own and they all take a relatively short time to prepare. They also include ingredients that I normally wouldn’t pick up at the store myself and add a lot of diversity to what we eat around here. The meats are all raised without hormones and antibiotics, which is something that is really important to us. The price, I felt, was very affordable for the types of meals you make.  In our case, since we usually have to make emergency trips to the store for forgotten ingredients it saves us time and money there as well.

         I get so excited every Friday when we get our box and on opening it I can actually hear Ted Allen’s voice in my head saying “in this mystery basket we have…chinese long beans…..barley…….aaaaaaaand  cod” Not really a mystery at all since you can log into your personal account online and see what meals you are scheduled to get that week but I think it’s more fun to play it the “Chopped” way. (Yes I’m a huge nerd and yes we watch a lot of “Chopped” around here) An episode of Chopped where there are no mystery ingredients, where they give you a recipe , where there are no fancy knife skills, and where there is a little boy with his face pressed to the oven saying “HoT”! And just in case you were wondering, I totally hear all the judges in my head after I complete every meal and they give Blue Apron meals the same rave review as our family does! Check it out at www.blueapron.com