• Embracing Fall…Sorta


    So I love summer, I mean really LOVE summer. Everything about it. We have been so busy this summer with moving and remodeling that this one especially has flown by even faster than usual. Plus the fact that there are already red leaves on some of our trees doesn’t help one bit. I’ve been protesting an early fall by adorning myself with bright colors and tropical prints (especially on the rainiest, gloomiest days) but today I finally caved in just a little. Mostly because I’ve been looking for any excuse to wear the new shooties I snagged at Marshall’s the other day.  And so somewhere between throwing on a light jacket this morning and kicking off my shoes tonight, fall had begun to seem somewhat appealing. Maybe it was the thought of snuggling up in a cozy cardigan, thoughts of plaid scarves on clear crisp fall days where the sky is that perfect shade of blue, huddling around bonfires with good friends or sipping hot cocoa. Or maybe it was realizing that this year I get to relive childhood a bit with my son and envisioned jumping around in piles of leaves with him and listening to that giggle of his that is pretty much the best sound in the world right now.



                                    Or then again maybe it was just the shoes.