• Fancy Schmancy


    Today was a rainy, stormy day spent in sweatpants running errands in the morning, sweatpants in the afternoon at home preparing meals in advance and house cleaning for some very special guests. Then mixed it up just a tiny bit this evening by ditching the sweatpants for a pencil skirt but refusing to give up the sweatshirt. It’s just way too cozy and I very well may sleep in it tonight as well, talk about a multi-functional wardrobe. Anyway enough about sweatpants….on to much more important topics. My little brother and my sis-in-law arrive tonight all the way from South Africa although I won’t see them until the morning. I am so incredibly excited for their visit. My brother and I have always been the best of friends and I fell in love with his wife the minute we met. I miss them both so very much, even more so since the birth of our son. They were able to be here for his birth but this will be their first visit since he was two weeks old. I can not wait to watch them begin to form a relationship with each other and build it into something so very special, to form a relationship just like the one I’ve treasured all of these years. So I may be MIA on here for the next few weeks…will be busy soaking up some much needed family time! Can’t wait to officially introduce Dex to his uncle Dave and Aunt Nat tomorrow, I get so choked up just thinking about it. I have a feeling this mommy is going to be an emotional basket case for the next bit… and I have a feeling an overdose of emotional and cheesy ranting is in this blogs near future…be ready!