• All Things Dexter…21 Months


    January 2015


    This month Dex has started really talking. To finally hear his sweet little voice is just everything. When I was pregnant I used to try to imagine what he would sound like so to hear him now is totally surreal. I can’t wait until he starts putting sentences together and we can really start hearing what is on his little mind. So obviously most of this post is just a little collection of some of his new words and what they sound like. One of the many little things I hope I never forget!

    giraffe: duh- aaaffff

    koala: kwa- ko

    pancake: cuh-cake

    coffee: kay-kay

    strawberry: traw-traw

    sorry: suh-traw

    phone: pone

    noise: no-eeeee

    and for my personal favorite…”mama” has now changed to “mommeeeeeee” and it melts my little heart every time! This month he has given pasta a break and is obsessing over strawberries and corn. He loves his little collection of farm animals and cowboys and Indians. The Indians are taking over….Indians on our floor, in the cupboards, in our bed, car seat and the bath.  He also has started this little nighttime ritual that is totally my fave. Right before he falls asleep he rolls off of my chest, faces away from me and snuggles backwards into me on his side and in a very bossy and decisive manner grabs my arm and wraps it around his waist. If it isn’t EXACTLY in the position he wants he grunts and shifts it a centimeter up, then down, then back up again…. until its precisely how he wants it. Then he forcibly presses it down and promptly falls asleep. Oh how I’m going to miss that bossy little cuddle-bug one day! There you have it, that’s our little Dex at 21 months.

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  1. Pat Foster says:

    You should hear the stuff Colton comes out with! “NANA! I can’t come in there! Pops needs me! He is WASHING MY BINKY! It has dog hair on it!”
    To his Mimi on FaceTime he informed her ” I’m too busy to FaceTime -mommy cut my nails….I cried! I was VERY SAD! There are NO cereal bars! The last one was DISGUSTING! I almost choked!” GOODBYE!

  2. Pat Foster says:

    Yes…every statement deserves Capitol letters and exclamation points! He is running, spinning, jumping, twirling, yelling, crying, laughing, hiding……NANA NEEDS A NAP! He is 2&1/2!