• Throwback Thursday

    Blazer: Forever21, Cardigan: TJMaxx, Skirt: Free People via TJMaxx, Booties: Rampage, Bag: Steve Madden


    If you are wondering who that girl is in the photos above….so am I. It certainly isn’t me. I am in sweats, as I have been for the majority of the week, on lock down in my own home battling round 2 of another crazy winter virus. I have seen that some of my favorite blogger moms are in the same boat this week, posting pictures of themselves in cute sweats and perfectly matching pajama sets while sipping tea and cuddling their babies. How they still manage to look perfectly adorable while sick and caring for children is beyond me. I desperately wish I knew their secret. Being sick doesn’t look anywhere near that appealing in our house. Not one square inch of my home has been decent enough to find even one little square to post on Instagram. I’m just glad I had a few old outfit posts on standby so that I could post SOMETHING this week. The photos above were taken a few weeks ago and looking at them I sure do miss that girl and I hope to see her again soon. Hope everyone has had a better week than we have and if not here’s to hoping next week is much, much better for all of us!