• A Beautiful Stranger


    Blazer: Forever21, T-shirt: Forever21, Shorts: Dittos, Shoes: TJMaxx, Tote: Forever21


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    On our recent trip to Florida I had the pleasure of speaking with a beautiful woman I met on the beach. Dex ran up to her on one of our walks and gave her that really big and especially cheesy grin of his. She stayed and talked with me for a bit as we watched him play on the beach. Her soft and kind eyes lit up and crinkled as a smile that was soft and sweet and just a little sad crept onto her face. She brushed her silver hair away from her face as she said “I would literally cut off one of my arms just to spend ONE day with my children at that age again. Just for ONE day!” then she looked me deep in the eyes and said “I’m NOT kidding!”……. and she wasn’t. Which moved me to recommit myself. Recommit to each moment. Recommit to now. This time period is so very precious and it goes faster than I ever could have imagined. I still can’t comprehend that in just 2 months Dex will be 2!!!!! I’m resolving to savor every moment, to put the phone down more. Instead of trying to capture so many moments in a photograph I want to be so involved in the moment that I don’t have the time or the hands to even try to take a photo. I’m resolving to not rush thru the day more than is necessary. And on the hard days I will try to remember that one day I’m going to miss all of it so much. I’ll be wishing I had just one more day, wondering how it is all over already and my heart will ache thinking of that little boy who so long ago I could cradle in my arms. One day I’ll be old and gray and stumble upon a stranger, a mother, playing with her son and a smile that is soft and sweet and just a little sad will slowly creep across my face and I’ll remember just how very wonderful it all really was.