• All Things Dexter… 22 Months

    Dex – Feb. 2015


    This past month Dex has changed so much especially over the past week. His vocabulary has tripled it seems. He understands so much more and communicates with us so much easier. I’ve almost fallen over a few times when he’s actually responded to a question I asked him never imagining I’d actually get a response. It’s been so fun to watch him work things out in his head and to listen to him pronounce his endless list of new words. I love his little voice so much. Sometimes Ty and I will just choose random words for him to repeat back to us and giggle at how stinkin cute he sounds doing his best to imitate us. He’s also started entertaining himself for very long periods of time. I should be capitalizing on this new development but instead I find myself silently watching him around the corner like a creepy stalker. Watching him talk to his trucks, and fly his planes, and feed his little farm animals. Here’s a few of our favorite moments from this past month.

    -After we swaddle him up in his towel after bath as we call him our baby burrito and he excitedly chimes in saying “bu-weed-oooo”

    -He has a huge obsession with straws at the moment. When we were in Florida while shopping in the grocery he spotted a tub full of those styrofoam pool noddles. His eyes grew bigger than I’d ever seen and he pointed and in a voice filled with awe and excitement said “STRAW?!?!?” Of coarse we bought one. For the pool we do not have. So now a bright blue pool noodle is the latest addition to our living room decor.

    -The way he says slippers.

    -When I started to pack my suitcase in Florida to go home he ran and grabbed a small bag, threw a few trucks and tractors inside, and ran to the door saying, “home, Dada, home?!?!” Broke my heart to make him wait until the next day to leave.

    -Chasing the birds at the beach and looking so disappointed  every time he’d get close and they’d fly away. He just couldn’t understand why none of them wanted to play.

    -How he points to every white truck we see and says, “Pop-pop?!?”

    -Best for last. On 1.25.15 his very first unsolicited ‘I love you’ which went something like, “wu woo Dada”

    So needless to say he has filled our hearts with so much love this month we are about to burst! Every day is so much fun and I just can’t wait to watch his imagination grow and to little by little get to know what’s going on in that little mind of his. It is so amazing to interact with him at this level and to imagine that it is only going to get better and better is so incredible and exciting. Loving this little phase so much right now and I can hardly wait for whats next!

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  1. Tuesday says:

    This is my favorite stage of life as a mom. Watching them learn to express themselves, being able to hear and see what goes on in their little world…it’s the absolute best. I wish time could freeze there. 🙂