• Tunic Talk



    Tunic: c/o Pink Blush, Bag:Steve Madden via TJMaxx, Sandals: Target


    Jewelry: The Cotton Cottage and thrifted


    Hello everyone. Hope you are having a fantastic Wednesday and if not hang in there….tomorrow is just around the corner! I am currently typing at warp speed hoping by some miracle I can actually get this post wrapped up before the boy wakes up from his second nap. Don’t be too jealous….. the first one didn’t really count…as a general rule I think we can all agree that any “nap” that takes place in a car and is less than 30 minutes doesn’t qualify. That being said I did thoroughly enjoy turning the Frozen soundtrack off of repeat for said 30 minutes. I mean I love Frozen and all but sheesh! Anywaaaaay…… I am so excited to be collaborating with PinkBlush to bring you this awesome look in today’s post. This tunic is going to be a staple in this spring/summer wardrobe of mine and who am I kidding….let’s throw fall in there too. I’m already imagining it with some flared jeans, booties and a big wool floppy hat of course! All in good time though…since spring finally just got here I’ll try not to get too ahead of myself. Simply click on any of the photos above to shop this look and to check out more from PinkBlush. They have an incredibly cute and affordable spring collection and for all of you expecting mamas out there check out their maternity site. I’ll be posting more of my favorite looks as well as hosting a giveaway for PinkBlush over the next few weeks so don’t forget to sign up for email so you won’t miss a post or the giveaway! Please feel free to follow along on my Instagram as the giveaway contest rules will be posted on that account. On that note….I now currently have a little boy tugging on my shirt yelling “RAWWRRRR…monster!!!!” Guess nap time is officially over. Duty calls, have a great evening everyone!




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  1. Nadine says:

    Adorable outfit!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love it! You look great in it! Beautiful setting for the pics as well.

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