• My Old Kentucky Home

    Jean shirt: Forever21, T-shirt c/o MyKentuckyTee, Skirt: Anthropologie



    Sunnies: TjMaxx

    Kentucky in the spring has got to be, hands down, one of the most beautiful places you could possibly find yourself. Maybe it’s the hills that seem to roll on forever covered in the greenest of greens you’ve ever seen. Or maybe it’s how the sky has never felt quite so big as when you are standing out in the middle of all that green.  Or the way the breeze, sweet with the scent of fresh rain and the blossoming wildflowers, drifts across your body and seems to sweep away any cares or worries along with it. It’s days like this when my son and I walk silently together, with the cool grass in between our toes, just taking it all in, that I’m truly humbled and awestruck. Humbled by the immense amount of beauty we are so blessed to be surrounded by. The beauty we find in the peace and stillness of the hills. The beauty in the worn and weathered hands that work so hard to care for and to nurture this place and the beauty I see in the eyes and hearts of those I’ve come to know and grown to love. Yep, this is one special place, one that I’m so honored to call home.

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  1. Nadine says:

    I agree! Kentucky is beautiful! I love your outfit.