• The Little Things

    Blouse, Hat and Shoes: TJMaxx , Trousers and Sunnies: Anthropologie

    More often than not it’s the simple, tiny moments in life that bring the greatest joy. Moments that are shared with a very small audience and many times with none at all. Today was full of moments like that……moments like….

    Dex waking me up saying”get up! get up! pleeease!”

    The way he said ‘thank you’ when I handed him a broom and dustpan to clean up the dirt he decided looked better on the floor than in my potted plants.

    The scent of honeysuckle and clover.

    The gorgeous feathery moth waiting to greet us at the front door.

    The way he tried talking back to a video sent from his Pop-Pop and ‘Mugga’ (grandma) while they are away on vacay.

    How he dragged his Minion balloon by the hand all over the house as he played.

    The color of his eyes as we watched the sunset.

    How we sat so very still together on the hammock listening to the birds.

    The feeling of crisp, cool sheets on a warm (almost) summer night.

    and the way my heart filled up with that achy mommy love as he fell asleep holding my hand and how I laid there long after he’d fallen asleep. Committing to memory the scent of his hair, the roundness of his cheeks, the touch of his little toes curled up against my legs and listening to the sound of his breath growing louder and louder as he drifted off deeper and deeper into this perfectly still night and willing it all to last just that much longer. Like I said, it’s the little things.