• Spring Is In the Air….and In My Closet!

    Hat: Target, Shirt: TJMaxx, Jeans: American Eagle, Bag: Joybound Apparel, Shoes: OldNavy

    Hat: Target, Shirt: TJMaxx, Jeans: American Eagle, Bag: Joybound Apparel, Shoes: OldNavy

    Soooo since I’m laying in bed sick this weekend I figured there’s no better time to get my butt in gear and make an appearance on this little blog of mine. Can’t believe I’m actually creating AND publishing a post in the actual season the post is about. (just barely, but hey it still counts, right?) Miracles do happen! Speaking of which, I’m now halfway thru my first year as a capsule wardrober! As much as I’ve fallen in love with the whole idea this past fall and winter I have a feeling the best is yet to come. Fall and winter are my least favorite seasons and no matter how hard I try I’m simply not as inspired during then as I am in spring and summer. This lack of creativity unfortunately trickles down into my wardrobe and style which by the end of winter becomes a blob of boring neutrals with a chunky sweater thrown on top. Don’t get me wrong, using a capsule wardrobe really helped in this department and I felt more stylish and put together this year than any winter before, but in the end I’m definitely ready to move on.

    Shirt: TJMaxx, Shorts: Forever21, Hat: Target, Bag: Nena&Company

    Shirt: TJMaxx, Shorts: Forever21, Hat: Target, Bag: Nena & Co.


    Soooooo, who’s ready for some color, pastels, fun prints, nautical stripes and all things spring? I Know I am and with this capsule I forced myself to get a little adventurous and make sure it wasn’t just a collection of neutrals, white tees and chambray shirts that you see on every capsule list on pinterest but one that also includes a few pieces unique to my personal style and taste. I also forced myself to just say no to black! This season I included a few pieces to make it a bit more fun, a bit more personable and a bit more…well….springlike. So without much further ado here are my picks for my Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

    spring capsule

    Striped tank: Gap, Jean button down; Forever21, Heels:Target, Skirt: Anthropologie

    So that’s it…. the 24 pieces you’ll be seeing on repeat over the next several months (for those of you who follow me on Instagram). As I’m getting more accustomed to this capsule thing I’ve done a few things differently this season. I’ve focused on choosing pieces that really reflect my own personal style and tried to incorporate colors I love as much as possible. Also have a confession to make…..These are not the only pieces I have in my closet. I know ***gasp***After purging my summer and spring clothes again and again….. and again I still have more pieces than the ideal capsule but what I have leftover doesn’t necessarily go with the capsule above. To me, capsuling is all about saving money, avoiding unnecessary purchases and only wearing items that you truly love, which is why I personally chose to keep a few extra items. It’s money already spent, spent on items I truly love AND wear on a regular basis.

    Shirt: Old Navy, Jacket: TJMaxx, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Nine West

    These old favorites are currently tucked in the back of my closet and ready to go on days that I have a little more time to devote to getting ready and want to get a little dressed up.  I will be using the above 24 pieces on an everyday basis, on days when I can’t think to put together an outfit(most days) and just need to be able to throw on something while explaining to my three year old that “no, the kitties probably don’t like to be thrown down stairs”, “please eat your breakfast and not your crayons”, “what do you have in your mouth now?”, and “you need to ask permission before you go outside” and “no, you can’t go play in the woods while mommy is getting ready”, tending to tantrums over a banana that broke in half and all the “yucky piece” that he finds in his oatmeal (said yucky piece being any single oat that has any type of discoloration or shape that he does not feel the ideal oat should have)….and still end up looking somewhat put together when we do manage to leave the house.

    I have high hopes as to being more frequent with posting on this little blog but I make no promises, lol. So if you are interested in following along with my capsule wardrobe posts, look me up on my Insta, Allthingsalij! Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start, I’m off to stick myself under a humidifier and drown myself in hot tea, essential oils, and vitamin C!


    Blouse and skirt: Old Navy


    Blouse and sandals: Old Navy, Shorts:Forever21, Hat:TJMaxx

    Blouse and sandals: Old Navy, Shorts:Forever21, Hat:TJMaxx


    Shirt and skirt: Old Navy, Sandals: Target

    Shirt and skirt: Old Navy, Sandals: Target

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