• More Than Words

            We have been battling the seasonal cold over here this week. Poor little guy was so tired and stuffy today. Going to bed tonight he crawled up on my chest and wrapped his arms around my neck and just laid there with his chin tucked right under mine and gazing up into my eyes with that look. That look that says ‘You are my whole world’ that look that says ‘I love you this much’. I stared back into his eyes telling him the exact same thing without saying a word. He fell asleep that way just quietly gazing into my eyes as he drifted off. I don’t know if he will ever really understand just how much and how deeply he is loved. But I hope when he is grown no matter what mistakes I’ve made he will know I tried my best and that he will know that he was loved and he will feel that love in his heart. I hope he carries that love with him and when he is scared or unsure of himself it will comfort him. And I hope when he is grown that every once in awhile he will look at me the way he looked at me tonight……with that look that says ‘I love you’ clearer and louder than any words ever could.