• Tree Huggers

    “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”

        These past few weeks we have committed ourselves to regaining some structure and routine in our lives. Things have been so crazy and hectic since our move so returning to some type of normalcy was just what the doctor ordered. As part of our new routine we are dedicating at least one day a week to exploring the great outdoors. Dex has always been so at home outdoors ever since he was born. It has always been where he is the most calm and happy. So needless to say our exploration day was a hit. This week we started working on creating our first of many hiking trails in the woods behind our home. We had a blast and Dex was a very enthusiastic little helper and quite the fearless little leader trudging far ahead of me with his trusty stick “clearing the way”. Something about being in the woods and feeling the peace and sereneness that kind of envelopes everything does wonders for the soul. What they say about nature being the cheapest kind of therapy is so so true. Looking forward to next weeks session! In the meantime here are a few pics from this past weeks little adventure. Enjoy!

    My fearless leader