• Trouser Troubles


    Today we awoke to a beautifully chilly fall morning. We had a cozy breakfast and while I was savoring my cup of coffee I wandered over to grab some clothes for the day and then IT happened. The moment I knew was coming and had kept telling myself I better take measures to prevent it but I procrastinated and the very moment I feared was staring me in the face. What was it you may ask? A drawer full of shorts. And NOTHING else. It was 50 degrees outside and I had not one pair of pants to wear unless you count those printed harem trousers I originally purchased as pajamas and have been shamelessly parading around in out in public. Due to my weight fluctuating so much from pregnancy and now from breastfeeding I have been 6 different sizes within the past two years. My body has been changing almost too quickly for me to keep up and so here we are walking into fall with nothing but a pair of acid washed denim shorts. We made it work for the day (attempted to anyway) but I’m happy to say an emergency trip to TJ Maxx this morning has remedied our little conundrum. Now all there is to do is hold my breath and hope to make it thru at least one season without gaining or loosing an ounce! Which means no hot cocoa, no roasted turkey, no Irish apple cake with custard, no bourbon pecan pie, no chicken and dumplings….then again TJ Maxx isn’t all that far anyways!