• This Girl Loves a Makeover

    In our previous home it was always a work in progress as most homes are, a little update here a new paint color there over a period of many years. So to be confronted with an entire house and having  to pick out everything the way I wanted in a short period of time was very overwhelming. With a barrage of ideas available at every magazine counter, on every TV show, Pinterest, and blogs you would think that would make things easier. For me personally, it only seemed to complicate things and made me even more indecisive. So I had to turn it all off, the computer the magazines and the TV and just think about what feeling I wanted to get in our new house and how I wanted it to function to suit our lifestyle as a family. We started looking at the existing structure and thinking about how to best complement what was already there. That’s when the real progress started to be made. Ever since nesting hit full force towards the end of my pregnancy I have felt a huge need to make things as simple, clean and functional as possible. So starting from there everything kind of evolved. Being on a budget we have done or attempted to do a lot of the work ourselves. Fortunately we have a lot of friends and family who, collectively, have done a great number of things and were kind enough to help us out when needed. We have learned a lot and severely underestimated what an enormous project this would turn out to be but as it is coming together it is definitely making all the stress and hard work worthwhile. We have been slowly making progress and wanted to share one room that is finally complete! The following are pics from our guest bathroom. I was so excited to stumble across the vintage galvanized double laundry tub that we converted into the sink. So much more affordable than if we had purchased even the cheapest bath vanity and counter top. Both the sink and the faucet were Ebay finds. The galvanized light fixture is actually an outdoor fixture from Lowe’s that was only $30.00. Mirror and shower curtain are from Target. Would love to hear what you think and if anyone has tips or advice we would greatly appreciate it as we still have a lot of work to do! Thanks so much, enjoy!