• I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

     Just wanted to share a few pics from a little trip we took this past Saturday on the Bluegrass Scenic Railroad. It was so much fun to watch Dexter take it all in and oh how very much there was to see. If you would have told me ten years ago that one of the greatest moments of sheer joy I would ever experience would be cheesily singing along to “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” with a bunch of total strangers on a train I never in a million years would have believed it. So yeah that totally happened and I loved every cheesy second of it! Watching Dexter’s face light up in excitement and then to see him fervently applaud our performance at the end was just everything. I have a feeling this little fall excursion of ours is going to become a much loved family tradition. So until next year here are a few little photos from Dexter’s very first little train adventure.

      Captured his little face the moment he heard his first train whistle.




    Our view at the end of the line


    Admiring his little souvenir from Grandma