• To Dexter,

         Tonight as we laid in bed, you snuggled backwards into the crook of my arm as you always do. You wrapped your arms tightly around mine and ever so softly you said “beep-beep…..choo choo…..vrrrrrooom” over and over until you drifted off to sleep. I whispered ‘I love you’ like I do every night and gave you a soft kiss on the cheek. My greatest and most impossible wish for you would be this…. to never lose the innocence you have now. I know is not possible in the world we live but I so badly wish it were. I wish everyday were as simple as dreaming of trucks and cars and sleeping in your mamma’s arms. I wish you never had to feel the pain that this world can sometimes bring and I wish you could feel as content and secure as you do tonight every night of your life. I know the days of your innocence are numbered and that this world will slowly chip away at it until it’s long gone. I wish I could shield you forever from any type of pain, disappointment or sadness but that’s just not possible. What I can do is equip you with the tools and confidence you will need to face whatever life may bring you. I can and I will try my very best to do just that….but not just yet. No, not at this moment. For a little while longer we will live in this little dream world of ours. This little world full of castles built of wooden blocks. This little world full of “choo-choo’s” and “twwucks”. This little world full of puppies and forts made of blankets and couch cushions. This little world where your biggest disappointment is your mama consistently serving you vegetables for dinner when you have made it quite clear you only will accept pasta, rice or some sort of cheese. This little world where you fall asleep in my arms…..and no matter what life may bring to you I promise these arms that you sleep so peacefully in now will always be here when you need them. These arms and this heart.


                                                Love, Mama

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  1. anadia says:

    Enjoy every precious moment!