• Rain, Rain, Go Away……Or Don’t

    Top: Gap, Pants: TJMaxx, Flats: Target


    This week…and last…… have been non stop rain. Normally I would complain but not today. Because this rainy day was spent huddling under mommy’s jacket together as we ran from errand to errand. My baby boy snuggled extra close giggling and laughing against my cheek. This rainy day was spent hopping in puddles. On this rainy day we came home and changed out of our damp, cold clothes into cozy sweats to “gung-gle” (aka snuggle) at my littles request. The remainder of this rainy day was spent reading book after book as we watched and listened to the rain pouring down all around us. This rainy day was spent snuggling longer than usual under the covers as he drifted off to sleep. On this rainy day my baby boy once again reminded me to look at things a little differently and thru his eyes I saw this completely ordinary drab and gloomy day as something beautiful, magical and all together wonderful. Thank you, Dexter, for such an incredible gift, the gift of seeing beauty and finding joy in the tiniest and most ordinary places. Thank you for making all of my rainy days full of light and so much love.