• My Everything

    Nine years ago today was our wedding day. I remember walking thru those main doors, bursting with excitement and caught a glimpse of his face as the doors cracked open to the main hall. Suddenly the gravity of what this day meant hit me with full force and I ran into a back room, shut the door, and prayed. I prayed to always be as in love as that moment. I prayed that I could be the kind of wife he deserved. I prayed for the strength to always be everything that he needed, to be the best compliment I could be, to always be worthy of the love of that sweet boy that stood so nervously waiting for me. The boy, now the man, with the biggest and kindest heart I’d ever known. When those double doors opened and he saw me for the first time and his eyes filled with tears that softly fell down his face , I never felt more beautiful or loved than that moment. We promised to love each other with our whole hearts, in good times and in the bad and that’s exactly what we have both done all these years. We’ve seen one another at our absolute worst, hitting rock bottom and have taken turns helping one another crawl back out of those dark places when they come. Later that night we danced to “Everything” by Lifehouse, the lyrics, “could you tell me please, how could it be, any better than this?” softly played and I truly wondered how it could.

    Now all these years later, we are closer, stronger and deeper in love than ever. We giggle and whisper together at night while our beautiful son lay peacefully asleep between us, whispers of how lucky we are and how gorgeous he is, whispers of our love for him, for each other, whisperings of dreams of another baby and I find myself asking, once again, how can it get any better than this? I only hope in another nine years to be looking back and asking myself this same question and to be constantly amazed at the answer.

    A very happy anniversary to you, my love, my life, my everything.



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  1. Nadine says:

    Thou are a very precious person. It makes my heart so happy that you are so much in love and value each other the way you both do! Thank you for being my daughter and I am so Thankful to Tyler for taking such good care of you and being the sweet person that he is. You made a great choice with Tyler! Happy Anniversary to you both! !

  2. Abby Neeley says:

    That was our “dating” song! It is very special to us. And we are always asking the same question, how could it get any better?
    Love you guys! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sandy Pope says:

    This is beautiful! Had to look at your blog after seeing that Bonnie liked your post. We knew Tyler when he was little in California. My fondest memory of him is his turning a bucket of dirt over on his head while we were camping at Hurkey Creek. LOL! By the way, we celebrated our anniversary yesterday too! But it was our 43rd.

    • Ali J. says:

      Awwww, sounds like Tyler! Haha. Happy anniversary to you as well! 43 years is certainly something to celebrate!!!