• Firsts…..


    So this week has been a week of firsts, lessons were learned, memories were made, moving on…….

    -First 13 hour(one way) road trip with 18 month old….bad idea

    -13 hour roadtrips to New York for an all day food marathon with good family and friends made it worth it.

    -Dex had his first ride on a carousel. He got scared. So we stood. Next to a Zebra. And yes, we were the only ones on it. Looking super cool.

    -Dex had his first bowl of Pho. We weren’t quite sure what the meatballs were made of but both decided whatever it was, they were delicious.

    -First time seeing grandpa and grandma after a three week separation results in the most adorable airport reunion ever.

    -First trip to H&M since birth of son, said son having only had a twenty minute nap ends with a sad sweatpant purchase and nothing else.

    -First time listening to Taylor Swifts new song….hate it!

    -One hundredth time listening to Taylor Swifts new song….LOVE it! 

    -First time on the Walkway Over the Hudson reveals Dexters fascination with cyclists.

    -Dexters first time to a county fair…..the rides…..not interested….the food….not interested…..the sticks and stones…..riveting! He also thought the cows and bunnies were pretty great too.

    For the grand finale, our personal favorite first…..Dex decided he wanted to use a fork for the first time and has since decided he will now take all of his meals with one which means that we now have approximately 10 mintues to eat instead of 5. So all in all it was a pretty great week.

    Less than thrilled with the county fair


    Cutest airport greeter


    Dexter’s first carousel ride


    Checking out the Hudson River