• A Thank You

    This post is for my mom. She has always been such a huge help ever since the birth of our son but especially over the past few weeks she has bent over backwards to help me in any way she can. From staying overnight at our house while my hubby was out of town because I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed to traveling to Florida with me and helping with Dex while I took some much needed time for myself. It is a shame that you never realize the depth of a parents love until you become one yourself. If I did I would have said fewer harsh words, I would have said “I love you” more, and I would have understood more. I would have understood all of the times I thought they weren’t being fair that they were just trying to protect me the best they knew how. I would have understood that simple, seemingly insignificant actions and choices they made were actually huge sacrifices. Sacrifices for me. Sacrifices for my brother. Sacrifices made for the two things they loved and care for more than themselves more than anything….their children. So thank you. Thank you for all of the sleepless nights. Thank you for putting yourself last. Thank you for being there. For being there then and for being there now. Most of all thank you for loving me. No amount of thank you’s will ever be enough but just know that I love you. The kind of love that no amount of words can describe. The love between a mother and her child.

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  1. Pat Foster says:

    Yep, you never understand until you ARE one. Dave has been thanking me since the first week of Coltons life.

  2. anadia says:

    Thank you for those beautiful words. Once again you have touched my heart strings as you always have since the day you were born. I am so proud of the mother you are and the love you show for your son. I am so grateful for the daughter you are! Motherly Love- your mom!