• Terrible Twos?




    Dress: Asos

    I know as soon as I write this I’m going to regret it and life is going to say “oh yeah, well watch this!”, but until it does I’m totally going to risk jinxing myself and I’m just going to say it….. I LOOOOVE the ‘terrible twos’!!!!! From about 19 months to about 23 months was hard, I mean really hard. Waaaay harder than the newborn phase or any that I have yet to encounter. We were introduced to tantrums, random screaming, and Dex just not wanting to cooperate with anything in general.  Ever since the day he turned two it’s been a whole different story. While there are still tantrums, we now know what to expect and can handle them pretty passively for the most part and thank goodness his usually don’t last too long. Other than that he is so much fun right now. He is so loving and funny and his personality is really starting to define itself and I fall more and more in love with who he is everyday. Just like those quiet, soft and sweet and most intimate new days with him that were over in a flash, I know these are going to pass just as quickly. I’m doing my best to soak it all in as much as I can. Because, so far, this stage is one for the books! This stage of collecting rocks and finding them stashed in very discreet places all over the house. This stage of truck, car, tractor, and airplane loving boyness. These days he begs for me to play “Taylor” more specifically “shake-shake” and we have our own little private dance party. He chases after daddy on his way to work, pleading “kiss, kiss, KISS, pleeeease!”He suddenly loves being read to and unprompted will bring me a blanket and a few books to read and cuddle on the couch. This stage involves long days pretending to be Bob the Builder and wearing a tool belt all over the house and “fixing” anything he can find that has a visible screw or nail or anything that looks remotely like one. This stage is all about helping mommy with the cooking and cleaning. Anytime he sees me start a project he runs over saying, “help, help?” Then nods his head saying”happy?!?!” because I always tell him how happy it makes me when he helps me.This stage is all about him feeling so very big one minute and then being so very small and needing me the next. This stage is full of daytime giggles and night night snuggles and kisses, yes this stage is one for the books for sure.