• Sandy Floors and Dirty Laundry

      Hello again. I hope these past few weeks have been good for all. While most of you have probably been enjoying one of the most beautiful falls we have had in years our family has been soaking up some much needed sun on the beach in Florida. We were so busy this past summer with our home remodel that we missed out on most of the season. So we were so happy to bring a bit of summer back even if it was only for a week. So here we are settling back into our routine and still working on getting together our favorites pics from our holiday to share with you. For now I posted one of my favorites from the week. Just one out of seven perfect sunsets we enjoyed together.  Seven days just isn’t quite long enough but somehow the beach still managed to do its job. There is nowhere else in the world that relaxes and soothes my soul like the ocean. Even though we are back to reality this week and I am missing my family so very badly I still feel an inner peace that has been lacking for months and I totally hold the beach and its mysterious powers responsible. So until next years visit I am holding onto every last little bit of beachiness that is lingering around our home. I will not sweep up the stowaway sand that has fallen from our bags and clothes…not just yet. I will not shake the sand from our shoes. And I may just pack up all of my little boys summer clothes that he will never need again just as they are……. unwashed and smelling delightfully of the sand and salt and sun that we left behind. Maybe one day I’ll unpack those clothes. Unpack them for another child to use maybe that child will be even be our own. Or I’ll just unpack them simply to reminisce. I’ll breathe in that old salty air, the same air we shared that wonderful week. That week we were all together as a family. That week where we laughed over meals while we watched the sun set over the ocean. That week I jumped out of bed much earlier than usual to have coffee with my baby brother. And I might think of how very small my boy looked when he ran down to the beach that first time and stood staring at the ocean. I’ll remember how I watched my son play with his uncle on the beach. That very same beach that his uncle and I played on together when we were just as small. And I’ll remember the way he would look up at his Uncle and Aunt and give them that special smile. That soft and sweet secretive smile that belongs only to them. The smile that says this is the unconditional love that is family. The kind of love that time and space can’t touch. The kind of love I’ll feel with a wonderful ache in my heart next time I unpack that little box of unwashed clothes. Those little clothes that once clung to a little boy as he ran up and down that oh so familiar shore.