• A Recipe Post: Spaghetti Squash, Kale, Chickpeas and Toasted Pignoles


    Photo Courtesy of: Love and Lemons


    So this isn’t really a recipe kind of blog but I just had to share this amazing one I discovered via the Love and Lemons blog. Tried it this afternoon and it was fantastic! Originally the plan was to make it as a healthy and creative lunch for the boy since these days it’s hard to get him to eat anything other than rice, pasta or broccoli. Hey at least there is one vegetable in there!  But this time change thing  has really thrown his whole sleeping schedule (who knew an hour would be such a big deal)…soooo that being said what actually happened this afternoon is I ended up quickly giving him leftovers to avoid the inevitable meltdown I could see coming and then put him immediately to bed. While he slept I then oh so stealthily cooked like a silent ninja-cat. The new plan was to let him have some when he awoke but it was so good I ate every last bit! Mother of the year right? Oh well looks like we will have to make another run to the store for some more spaghetti squash because it was THAT good! I am hoping its so good that Dex won’t even notice it isn’t actually pasta. ClicHERE for the recipe link and enjoy!